Unable to display all video frames in timeline for easy editing

Hi, running Shotcut 20.04 on MacOS High Sierra.
Tried the following with video footage shot on iPhone in .mov format.
Ok I’d like to be able to see all the individual video frames of my footage in the timeline for easily cutting out some parts.
When I drag the source clip on the timeline, I can only see the audio wave and just the icon of the footage on top of the audio, but non of its frames.
How can I display them all ?

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You cannot
Currently . two thumbnails are displayed. One at the beginning of the clip, one at the end.

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Wow… Isn’t this like one of the most fundamental features for video editing? I’m baffled…

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Maybe, but have been using SC for a long time now, never missed that feature.
I just use the left and right arrow keys to go back or forwards a frame at a time.
That frame is displayed in the viewer along with waveform and/or vector scope if you so wish.

well, ok, but for visual people it’d allow to quickly skim through the frames in order to detect what one’s looking for. Would it be that hard to implement ?

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Only @shotcut will be able to answer that.
It’s not only the programming part that must be taken into consideration, but also the road map and what has been given priority.

Shotcut is being developed by only two people, Dan and Brian, hence you can understand that available time is limited.

ok thanks. Will check back some time in future to see further development…

No worries.
Both Dan and Brian regularly read and post on the forum so no doubt they will give their thoughts and possible time span.

Not going to happen unless someone completely rewrites the timeline, and neither of us plan to do that in the next couple years. I suggest if you want to see all the frames, you play the video! Also, you can play fast forward, and there is a skim feature if you hold down Shift+Alt. Everyone thinks the first missing feature they find is the most fundamental feature, and there are many of them.


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