Unable to delete green band at end of timeline


I have a green band at the end of my timeline which has added another hour on just a white screen onto the end of my video.

I have tried everything to delete it and have gone through all the suggestions I have found on this forum including creating another timeline and moving my content but it doesn’t seem to work, the green band just moves with it.

Is there anything else I can try?

This might be what you have. You didn’t provide a screenshot so I’m only guessing.

There is a tiny 1 frame sliver on V2.

Zoom in all the way to see the sliver and delete it.

If I didn’t guess correctly, providing a screenshot should provide better assistance.

Thanks so much for your reply.

I’ve searched and I can’t see any element left, however I think I have managed to fix it by exporting it as an mp4 and then reloading it back in, which has enabled me to delete the blank space at the end.

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