Ui.qml won't compile for frei0r.rgbparade

Is there something that would prevent me from creating a filter UI for frei0r.rgbparade? Does that filter require RGB input but Shotcut is processing in YUV?

I tried building a filter around it the way I’ve done other filters which worked successfully. However, this one will compile meta.qmlc successfully but not compile to ui.qmlc and there are no errors listed in shotcut-log.txt. It says “reading filter” then skips to the next filter folder without registering rgbparade. I don’t know how else to trace what it doesn’t like without lighting up the whole SDK.

Any possibilities come to mind? Thanks much.

That plugin is not in our build due to an extra dependency and its resolution limitations. There is a new RGB parade scope in the next nightly build.

In that case, my apologies for taking up your time asking about it. I didn’t know differently because I saw it in the MLT filter list:


The native RGB Parade you’re making is even more welcome, so no complaints!

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