UDP streaming not working under MacOS and Windows

Hi all,

Anyone tried the UDP streaming function of SC under MacOS?
(Tried several IP addresses and port numbers)


Keep getting this error, irrespective of source folder:


SC version 19.04.30
MacOS version 10.12.4

Only thing in the log which is related:

Switched firewall off, disabled IPV6, even tried to stream to localhost, nothing.


Just tried on Win 8, same error.

This is fixed for the next version 19.08. It was broken many versions ago when I added a writable check to all file save operations.

Fantastic, thank you @shotcut

Yes,I have tried this a number of times . But still I just don,t get its point .

This error was fixed in the version 19.08. So please make sure that you are using this updated version and try it once.

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