Two bugs?I am not sure

I am not a English speaker,and I am not sure how to express the problem.Sorry.
1.The resolution can be adjusted to odd numbers by version 18.09.16.But in version 18.10.08,resolution can not set a odd number.
2.I recorded a flv video by using OBS,and use Shotcut to deal.I splited and cropped it.My main problem is when selecting automic video mode to delete the two black sides.The player’s frame will change color.When I recording the problem,it seems happening more wrongs…
For problem 2,When I using another record screen software(Ocam) to record a mp4 video and do the same work on it by Shotcut,it has no problem.
Emmm…I will upload two big gif pictures to show the problems.

Emmm.Uploading big picture was not allowed.
It doesn’t matter.I will upload two videos.They are smaller.Bugs?.zip (2.3 MB)

This is by design and will not be changed. Most video codecs do not accept odd numbers, and I do not want to let people compose in odd resolution and then get a failure to export or slightly alter their composition to make it fit even resolution.

For problem 2, you probably need to save the project and reload. Changing the Video Mode in the middle of a project is not a perfect process, and it is unlikely I will spend much effort to fix it. In the case you do not want to save a project, then sometimes you might need to restart after changing video mode.

Thank you very much!I will study more knowledge about video and English!

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