two Audio tracks issue

Hi Forum
I have a strange one
my mum bought a DVD set which has two Audio tracks German ( Default ) / English
I have ripped them with DVD Shrink keeping all menus & audio , then converted them to MP4
only when playback in MP4 there is no English Audio,
I opened up the vob files folder and played the largest file in VLC and it gives me the choice of the 2 Audio tracks , so i converted the vob to MP4 and same again no English Audio , I reopened the files in shrink again checked the Audio folders and they are all German NO english ,

has anyone got any idea were this English Audio is hiding
thanks for any help…

Look in Properties > Audio tab > Track dropdown.

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Thanks for taking your time to reply
I think i have cracked it now , using iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe
it give me the option to choose AC3 1 / 2 tested first episode and it turned out English thanks again for your reply much appreciated

all the best for the festive season

I am going to close this now since it was really about iMedia Converter usage.