Two adjacent clips slider window

Hi there

Sorry if this is a noob question.

I was recently did an introduction to film production. In that course they used Final Cut Pro. I love using open source projects and I am trying to learn Shotcut instead.

However in Final Cut Pro there was a case where two trimmed shots were put side by side on the time line and it was possible to use the slider to show more of one clip while removing frames from the other shot. In the viewer window it was possible to see the two images on either side of the slider. Seemed like an excellent way to manage the timing of a cut between two shots.

Now I am sure there is a known technical term for that (which I don’t know). I suspect that it isn’t in shotcut, but I hope I am wrong. Does any one know if that is possible, either with the existing release of shotcut, or with a plugin, or is something like that on the future roadmap? Or none of the above?

This is not possible in Shotcut; I moved your topic to the Suggestions category but that does not mean it will be done soon. There is no ETA for this.

OK, thanks for the reply and the update.

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