Trying to remove back borders on either side of video


I’ve read through loads of other forum subjects and tried everything suggested but I’m either not doing everything suggested or I’m a simple bear.

I am trying to create a video or animated gif using multiple images 551px wide by 734px tall.

I open Shotcut and create a project using a custom video mode with a resolution to match and an aspect ration of 551:734 (according to the websites I’m using).

I then add the image, go to properties and select Image sequence and then export using a custom setting with the same aspect ratio and resolution.

But my video has black borders on either side.

Where am I going wrong? And I really have read loads of posts and Googled it loads. Sorry.

Create a custom video mode set the resolution to 550 by 734 or 552 by 734 set the aspect ratio the same.

Make sure the new project is set to use the video mode.


Add the images/videos to the project. You don’t need to change export settings. Shotcut will use the custom resolution for export. Export the video.


552x734 video.

Plays with no black bars on the sides in WMP and VLC.

Looked at the image closer. There’s a sliver of black on the right side that can be removed by adding a rotate and scale filter set to 100.2%. I used 551x734 pixel images. The resolution and aspect ratio is set to 552x734 for the video mode. Needs a slight correction to get the image right with no black.

Corrected video.

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This is not permitted. It must be an even number.
If you create a resolution with 550 or 552 wide and make the aspect ratio 551 wide, it is going to come out a little funny. So, use the same even number here.

After you add your image that is 551 wide, you can try using filter Crop: Source or Rotate and Scale to remove some remaining black edges.

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Thank you @sauron and @shotcut.

This took several attempts but I got it in the end.

I did find that if I created a custom video mode, added images and exported then went back and created a new project using a different video mode, when I went to export it, it would use the first video mode resolution. The only way I could get the export to pick up the correct resolution was by shutting Shotcut down and starting it from scratch.

I will try this again at a later date to see if I can replicate the issue or its simple bear time again.

Either way, thank you both for the time you took to answer my question. Much appreciated.

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