Trying to crop an 800x800 section from a 2560x1440 video downscales the video

The goal: I have a 2560x1440 recording from which I’d like to extract a 800x800 crop from, but it seems to get inadvertently downscaled.

The workflow I am trying right now:

  1. Create the project and set the video mode to a custom 800x800 60fps.
  2. Add the recording as a playlist item.
  3. Add the source video from the playlist into a video track.
    • This is where is apparently goes wrong. The clip is downscaled to fit the 800x800 canvas.
  4. Apply a “Size, Position & Rotate” with a 320% zoom (and a position offset) to get the crop I want, properly centerd.
  5. Export the clip in a lossless format. The resulting video has very bad quality and it looks like it is an upscaled 800x450 clip.

Where am I going wrong there? Is there a way to prevent the automatic downscaling when adding a clip to the timeline? (It won’t fit on the canvas then, but since I’m cropping it it doesn’t need to).

Things I’ve already checked:

  1. The recording is really 2560x1440 and high quality.
  2. Tested multiple export formats and exported a single frame, they all expose the same quality issues.

I guess this is a very simple issue, but I haven’t found a solution in multiple hours of trying. Is there a completely different workflow I need?

In theory, that should have worked. As an alternative, try the “Crop: Source” filter.


When making the Custom Video Mode, ensure that after setting the resolution to 800x800, you also change the Aspect Ratio to 1:1 in the same window.

Before applying the Size, Position & Rotate filter:

After applying the Size, Position & Rotate filter:
Toggle zoom to something like 25%


Thanks for the helpful replies, seems like my workflow wasn’t wrong after all.
I’ve since realized some issues with my recording (unintended scaling) and managed to improve the quality.

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