Trying to add music to my video

Hi, I’m trying to add music to my video, but when I open the file in an audio track, it switched to source, and the audio does not actually play in the video I’m making. For some information, I recorded the video on OBS Studio, and the audio was exported from Audacity. What is happening and how do I fix it?

Shotcut does not let you do that. You have not exactly explained what you are clicking, but I guess you are using File > Open, which opens a file dialog. It is normal that this opens in Source and is fundamental to how Shotcut works. Next you need to learn how to add it to the Timeline audio track. There are many ways including drag and drop. Please watch some tutorials.

I’m not sure what you mean by that.

If your audio file ends up in the Source, try dragging it from there to the audio track.

Hi, I tried that, but it didn’t let me copy it. It just gave me a no symbol. Is it the file type? I’m using a WAV file.

Do you know how to do a screen recording?
If so, record all your steps and share the video directly here (4 meg limit though) or upload it somewhere else and provide the link.

WAV files works fine in Shotcut.

I figured it out now. Thank you!

Good for you :+1:

Can you tell us how you solved it? That might help others with the same issue.

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