Trim the beginning of a file by dragging

I want to be able to effectively trim the beginning of a file by dragging it, but can’t seem to work out how.

I’ve got high-quality audio recorded on separate files from the video, and I’ve edited the video first that contains the audio from the built-in mic. Now I want to sync up the high-quality audio to the audio on the video track and finally mute the audio on the video track.

I’ve created a separate audio track, and dragged my first hi-quality audio file on to it. What I would really like to be able to do now is drag that track to the left so the beginning is before zero on the timeline, and have it simply drop the audio frames that occur prior to the start of the timeline as I line it up with the audio from the video. I can’t seem to work out how to do that - it just won’t seem to drag to the left. I’ve got ‘ripple edits across all tracks’ set to ‘OFF’.

Then, having lined up the first audio file A and trimmed the right hand side of it off to match the first video clip, I then want to add the next audio file B and drag B to the left to line it up with the audio on the next video clip, but so that it will automatically drop or mute sound on the file B where it overlaps with the existing audio file A that is already on the left.

I can’t work out how to do this. Is there a way in Shotcut? I know professionally people will normally have timecode and stuff to line up audio and video from separate devices, but without that, can I do it this way, or am I missing something?

I know I could select an edit point in the audio to split into two, remove the first one with the minus sign to shift the remaining bit of the audio to the left, that this is hard to do accurately when it’s not lined up. That’s why I want to be able to do it visually by lining up the waveforms and then making small adjustments after listening to audio on both tracks before finally committing the position.

Thanks in advance

Vous ne pouvez pas glisser la piste audio vers la gauche pour que le début soit avant zéro sur la timeline, mais vous pouvez glisser la piste vidéo vers la droite

Pour le fichier B, pourquoi ne pas le mettre sur une autre piste audio et gérer les coupures avec le filtre Gain volume et les images clés.

You cannot drag the audio track to the left so that the start is before zero on the timeline, but you can drag the video track to the right.

For the B file, why not put it on another audio track and manage the cuts with the Volume Gain filter and keyframes.

Thanks for your response. I’ve actually found out how to do exactly what I wanted by mistake.

When a piece of video or audio is added to a track, if you hover the mouse over the front end of the video, in certain places it will show a green bar at the start of the track, while the mouse is hovering over it. If you then drag the mouse to the RIGHT, it will trim the track from the left-hand side. ie, from the beginning, depending on how far you drag the mouse. Works perfectly for dragging separate audio so it can be matched up with the waveform from the audio from the in-built microphone on the camera.

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