Transparent PNG turning white when rendering

Operating system: Linux
Shotcut version 22.03.30

I imported a PNG image with a transparent background on top of a video. On the preview panel, everything is showing correctly. I can see my image AND the video underneath.
However, when rendering with default settings and with H.264 High Profile, my whole render is white.
(I tried several times with different videos and different images but the same issue occurs)

Transparent PNG:

Preview panel:

Render result:

I did not reproduce it using the Snap, AppImage, or Flatpak running on Ubuntu 20.04. What package are you using and from where did you get it?

I’m using the Linux portable tar from the official website.
I will try installing it from snap.

I installed the snap version and I have the same issue unfortunately.
I found a solution tho. I exported the video without the transparent image then created a new project with the rendered video and image. It worked.

Thanks for your help ^^

Hint: To make black border overlay, just use a black color clip with at Mask: Simple Shape filter on the top track. You can animate it with keyframe to make it apear over time

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Another alternative is to use Crop: Rectangle on the Output track.


I think it is related to this Image sources do not show in export on Linux and this