Transparent colour speeds up encoding?

I have no idea if this was real or not and did no testing but it felt to me like my videos would encode the first half faster when I had a fully transparent colour over top of a video track (to align end of track 1 with start of track 2). I then started to just put a separate video track of just a transparent colour over top of everything and it honestly felt like my videos were encoding much faster at no loss of quality that I could see. Roughly half the length to encode or so. Is this real in some way or purely a figment of my imagination?

I got curious about this so I tried to reproduce it. I couldn’t. The transparent export was 22% slower. It’s possible that if you were working with short small files, then they got cached in RAM from the first export and were faster to read from cache on the second export. That’s just a guess.

From the menu, there is a View > Jobs option that brings up a jobs panel. It shows the elapsed time of each export if you want to get scientific about results.

When I thought it was happening it was with files I hadn’t exported before. And yeah I was observing the total export time in the jobs folder. I don’t know if it’s relevant but my GPU is okay while my processor is trash.