Transitions invalid, missing <tractor> resource when file moved

My daughter created a file with transitions, and when exporting the movie, the transitions would show the text “invalid”.
I guessed that her laptop might be to weak to encode the video, so we put it onto my workstation, and replaced all paths with the new ones in an IDE. But when opening the file in Shotcut, it shows the message that the file c:\Project Folder/<tractor> was missing and that I should search for a replacement. There is no such file, of course, and when I open the Project anyway, and play it, I see the exact same “Invalid” error in place of the transitions.
I see references to <tractor>-Elements in the file (283.9 KB), but don’t know how to handle this. Can anyone help?

It seems that the indicated route is a temporary file of a download made from the Edge browser.
Maybe an internet image?
In the image, the path refers to my user folder (ejmillan). I suppose that in the original project, the path refers to the user’s folder (his daughter).
This folder is hidden by default in Windows 10 ExplorerYou only need to know what content (downloaded with Edge) is associated with . Maybe something related to Native Instruments and its Traktor software?

You can review the browsing history of Edge (on your daughter’s laptop), to try to download the file again and include it in the project folder (along with the rest of media)

Thanks for the insights!
But I can’t find any traces of the linked resource; nothing with the parts of the path above. Very strange!
But I just replaced the Element with a jpeg and compared the files afterwards; the <tractor> element is indeed a transition and looked like this (20 elements with different IDs in the file):

<producer id="tractor17" title="Anonymous Submission" in="00:00:00,000" out="00:00:00,133">
    <property name="length">00:00:00,167</property>
    <property name="eof">pause</property>
    <property name="resource">&lt;tractor&gt;</property>
    <property name="mlt_service">xml-string</property>
    <property name="global_feed">1</property>
    <property name="shotcut:transition">lumaMix</property>
    <property name="xml">was here</property>
    <property name="seekable">1</property>

These seem to be the transitions that seem to have caused the “invalid” message.

But we have a new problem now: She re-edited the file, and now

  1. the video timeline is invisible
  2. the audio is clipped; many parts are missing

I uploaded the new file, but I’m afraid that she’ll have to start from an older backup.

Sorry for my unfortunate answer.
It is not a file downloaded from Edge.
My confusion was because of my download of your file “in the file”, through my Edge browser.
Sorry for the confusion.

I do not know if this is the way forward (my ignorance does not allow me to analyze and help better), but I launch my idea:
According to the .MLT files (in the file - the new file) that you attached, the project was created with Shotcut version 17.12.03
The current version is 19.02.28.
Have you tried to execute the project in the current version (19.02.28) or in the version with which the project was created (17.12.03)?
I hope that someone with more knowledge about this can help you.

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