Transitions and timeline fiddling may produce phantom clips, and some stabilization issues

Hey there,

first of all, thank you very much for this great piece of software.
I already did a few projects with it, and it mostly does what i want (aside some crashes, but its open source and free right ? :wink: )

So now it is the third project in a row where i got this odd behavior :

Version 20.07.11 Linux and Windows 64bit

Lets say i have a clip in the middle of two transitions (transition1 => clip1 => transition2 ).
And now i do some work on the timeline (cutting, rippling, etc…).
Then sometimes clip1 gets duplicated to clip2 and clip3.
I figured that out while digging in the .mlt file.
So the track itself includes transition1 clip1 transition2.
While transition1 and transition2 where incorrectly reffering to clip2 and clip3.
Clip2 and Clip3 will not show on the track (timeline) because they are not part of it in the mlt file.
They will only vanish if i delete the transitions and create them again… then Shotcut lets loose of those phantom clips and deletes them.

I came across this issue, because Shotcut always wanted to reanalyze (stabilize) the same clips over and over, and after digging into the mlt file i discovered that it tried to analyze the phantom clips, which werent part of any track but like written above, part of the transitions.

If you want i will try to produce a .mlt file which has this occurrence.

The second issue i have happens when i copy a already analyzed stabilization filter, it seems to copy the .stab file property (.mlt file) with it. So when i want to analyze the copied filter, it writes to the wrong file.

Has anyone yet encountered something like this ?cirender.mlt (568.0 KB)

EDIT : i actually have this problem right now in the attached file at multiple occurences
Example :
clips producer121 and producer122 seem to be copies of each other
but while producer121 is part of playlist2
producer122 is part of tractor5
producer122 is thereby a phantom clip and will only vanish if i delete tractor5
yet shotcut will always try to reanalyze producer122

The second issue i have happens when i copy a already analyzed stabilization filter, it seems to copy the .stab file property (.mlt file) with it.

Yes, that is true. Currently, you need to be careful with Stabilize filter when copying clips or filters or splitting. There is no special management for these. Basically, you need to visit the copied Stabilize filter, remove it, and re-add it.

You are affected by this undo/redo bug that is not yet fixed:

Ahh thanks alot, that kind of explains the issue.

Allright, i will handle them with more care now :slight_smile: For the moment a little find/replace in the mlt file also resolved the issue.

I think this can be closed then.
Thanks again !

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