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So, as explained in another topic, I was facing dificulties with exporting a video bigger than my computer RAM (4Go).
Hopefully I have another computer with a bigger RAM (8Go). And moreover all my material (project / clips / sound etc…) are on an external hard drive. The project was build from that external hard drive. I did not move any file, just the drive.
So I install ShotCut on my other computer (with the bigger RAM) and plug my external hard drive.
Unfortunately, when opening my project on the new computer, it tells me the project has a problem and it needs to fix it.
In the end it looks like it isn’t able to associate any of the file to the project. Automatic fix does not work.
How can I do? I don’t find the way to provide the path of each file.
The point being to not redo my project on that other computer… it took me quite some time.

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Double click on each file missing and it’ll open up that OS file dialog box to point to where the file is.

I’ve wrote out instructions on how to do this here:

When you move an external drive from one computer to another it may not have the same drive letter.

So indeed. And I found a way. I open the project with my prefered text editor (notepad ++) and replace “E:/” (path in initial computer) by “H:/” (path in new computer) and it works fine

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