Track v1 and v2

Delay on switching on tracks V1 and V2
I have a problem with Shotcut, on the attached example why, the video of track 01 appears with delay compared to the video of track 02.
It’s the same video copied and pasted on track 2 only the filters are different.
Clip Nina - 11 demo.mlt (10.4 KB)

The first thing to do is tick “adjust opacity instead of fade to black” on both video fade in’s.

Every now and again I get a fade in or fade out that will become non responsive, and so I have to remove and re-add it, no big deal really. Maybe enabling and disabling the fade in on both tracks will help show you what’s happening, but I’d just remove them, and do them again.

Had the similar problem, your decision is useful, thanks

Thank you for your advice, I did so and it work all right (x to adjusted opacity)

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