Track selection with arrow keys

I have been using version 22.06.23 of Shotcut on my PC for a while, but when I got a new computer I made sure to get an updated version (22.12.21). Everything has been very similar, but there are a few creature comforts that I enjoyed that aren’t working right away. I found the actions and shortcuts menu, but I can’t find a way to edit to key combinations. I usually work with one or two video tracks, and would use the up and down arrow keys to switch between the tracks. Now when I click up or down it doesn’t seem to do anything. I have found that Control+Alt+Up does what I want, but I would prefer it to just be Up. Another one that is a little odder, is when I select a file to add to the project I will cut it to the length I want and then add it in from the preview. Sometimes I change my mind about the length, or I just want a different segment from later in the video. Normally I would click escape and the file would be exactly as I had it, but now I have to click the “recent” tab to reopen it and it doesn’t have the same selection as before. I’ve been just trying to get use to the changes, but if there were a way to change things back I would love to know how. Thank you.

I found out that instead of hitting escape I can now click on the source tab, which helps, but I would still prefer it to just be escape if possible.

There are new shortcuts. See the menu items, Help > Actions and Shortcuts, or release notes.

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