Track change shortcut missing in recent version

Shotcut keeps getting better and better with each iteration. Thank you for spending the time working on it.
I’ve recently updated to a new version and one feature that I used all the time is missing. You used to be able to press the cursor up/down keys to change focus between tracks. This enabled me to move around the timeline using just my keys and really speeded up my editing when combined with my Stream Deck. Is there a new keyboard shortcut for this that I could use or could you bring back the cursor key option please?

Hi @DarrenT

Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down are used to move the selection up or down in the timeline.

See Shotcut’s keyboard shortcuts list here: Shotcut - Keyboard Shortcut Reference


Thank you!!!
I thought I’d clicked around trying other shortcuts, but I must’ve not tried that one.
Thanks for the quick answer.

You’re welcome @DarrenT

You can also use Ctrl+Alt+Up and Ctrl+Alt+Down to move the active track UP or Down.


I forgot to mention that you can also go to Help > Actions and Shortcut… to see the list of shortcuts. You can also use this to set your own shortcuts.


Even better. I’ve just added the up & down cursor keys to those, so they’re back to the shortcuts I’m used to. That’s a HUGE help for me. Thank you so much.

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Please be aware that doing so will likely break using the up and down cursor keys anywhere else in the app such as lists like Recent and Playlist or numeric spinner fields.

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Great point. I use those a lot.
So I’ve removed them :frowning:
But I’ve still got the default ones, now you’ve told me about them :smiley:

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