Track appearing on wrong level

I am currently making a video in which I want a flying object to pass behind a character who is speaking.

The background is on the lowest track, the speaker on the highest (chroma-keyed) and the flying object (a witch) on the track between them (also chroma-keyed). However the witch is flying in front ot the speaker. I tried adding an extra track between them but she still passes in front of the speaker.

I can’t seem to make her pass between the background and the speaker.

Can anyone help?

All right. On the principle of “when it’s glitching try starting from scratch” I saved my edited main track (the speaker) as a movie and re imported it into a fresh project. I put it on the top track and the witch on the next one down and chroma-keyed the speaker. Now the witch flies behind her. I then added the background video and chroma-keyed the witch and everything is working as it should.

Sorry for bothering you with the question. I still don’t understand what the problem was. Maybe the order in which the tracks were added. I was trying to “sandwich” in a new track before.

Just reporting back in case this helps anyone.