Tool Tip never goes away!

I’m running Shotcut 17.09.04 64 bit on Linux Mint 64 bit. Steps to replicate problem:

  1. Open Shotcut full-screen
  2. Open a File
  3. Select Playlist and Add File to Playlist
  4. Select Timeline and Add File to Timeline
  5. Select Filters and Add HTML Overlay
  6. In Filters/Overlay HTML select New…

At this point notice the Tool Tip reads “Load new HTML file.” That Tool Tip NEVER GOES AWAY! It remains there and remains on top of any other window. You can select Properties, Playlist or Filters and the Tool Tip remains. You can Minimize Shotcut and the Tool Tip remains!


Seems fine in Windows 10

Just tried that too out of curiosity: Tooltip disappears.
That sticky tooltip problem is mostly a windows problem, I know them appearing randomly in various programs. If they refuse to go away closing the program is the forced method to clean them up.
Usually a GFX driver issue, was quite common in Windows XP, rare in Windows 7 and on Windows 10 I had it only once up to now.

It’s not that big of a deal. However, once there it remains until I close Shotcut. This anomaly has only appeared in Shotcut and no other Linux application. I’m just posting here for the developers to look at. I only noticed because I was intrigued with the current topic regarding the Overlay HTML filter. That does look like some fun.


Is there a refresh screen command in Linux?

It appears so. When I minimize Shotcut the Tool Tip remains where it was on the screen. F5 appears to refresh all the Home screen icons but the Tool Tip remains. I am not able to click and drag it around. Only File/Close or File/Exit makes it go away. It appears to be a real bug in the Linux version.


I was thinking more on the lines of…

Interesting. I have never encountered that command before. It is available in my Terminal session, displays a help screen with some options but, unlike pressing the F5 key, it seems to do nothing at all! Strange. The Tool Tip remains.

I am running an AMD A8-7600 APU which is a combination CPU/GPU. The model indicates a built-in Radeon R7 GPU. Not sure why there is no response to this command, yet pressing F5 has a very obvious response.

BTW, I have never paid much attention to the desktop shell wars in Linux Land. I use what Mint calls Cinnamon - it is so very much like Windoze 7 - but isn’t Micro$oft. So, I’m not sure whether what I have is a derivative of KDE, Gnome or whatever. Edit: Sysinfo says Gnome.

FWIW, MB is Gigabyte GA-F2A88XM-D3H. I am running the recommended open-source AMD/ATI video driver. I built this system myself, as I have now since1988. 64-bit system with 8 GB RAM.


Problem persists with version 17.10.02