Tip: Mask:SimpleShape to Adjust Another Filter

Today I am trying to improve videos taken in marginal low light with consumer-grade videocams, and so I am delving into the complex interaction of the ReduceNoise:Wavelet and the Sharpen filters.

The diferences of parameter changes can be subtle, and because both the human eye and the human memory are fickle, I am not trusting the “turn it off, turn it on” method.

Rather, I have divided the screen into sections using Mask:SimpleShape, showing the image without wavelet NR, my best tuning so far, and my current experiment, all simultaneously for comparison.

Below are the settings:

(Oops, time difference between screenshots; video image was taken with all video blinkers “On”.)

The differences between the different filter settings are subtle, so here is exaggerated brightness to show the screen divisions:

This methodology will both improve the quality of my filter adjustments and reduce the time I spend tweaking filters.


That’s very useful @kagsundaram. Thanks for sharing !

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I too struggle with noise reduction (and white balance and colour grading).
When I tackled upgrading my family VHS-C recordings, then the complications began. After a “fierce struggle” :smile: with one of the videos, I momentarily abandoned that task to approach it later from another, calmer perspective.
And also to be better documented.

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