Tiny random clips appearing at random

Tiny clips of one or two frames duration have begun appearing at random between clips in the timeline. I assume they are the result of some of the edits I’ve made: removing clips, cutting clips, inserting clips, dragging clips, etc. I don’t know if this is a bug or I’m doing something wrong. I can’t tell where the mystery clips came from because they’re too short to identify. So I don’t know if they were trimmed off the beginning/end of the previous/next clip.

You can zoom in all the way down to the frame level to select the clips (to identify, remove, etc.)

I have seen this happen when ripple edit is enabled, ripple all tracks is enabled, and extending a clip on one track that overlaps with clips on another track, where doing so slowly causes the clips on the other tracks to get split any time you don’t move the cursor ‘fast enough’. Easy to reproduce - just completely forgot about it until your post. Also a good way to induce a crash.

Can’t say for sure that’s what happened in your case, though. Either way you’ll want to take a good look at what’s left of the clips on either side of these tiny clips, as they probably were sliced off the start/end of an adjacent larger clip.

You could be right. I think the first one appeared after I used Ripple. What worries me is that they continued appearing long after I had turned off Ripple. Maybe they were there all along and I just hadn’t noticed them, but I don’t think so.