TimeStreching & Markers

I would like to be able to time-stretch clips. Something like pressing ALT or CTRL and trimming the beginning or end of clip to stretch or shrink easily. Its pretty easy when the math is correct, ie., 4 second clip in 2sec is x2 playback speed and vice versa… Unless every clip is even, its quite hard to make 17 frames slow to 2 seconds without help…

Furthermore, on the topic of stretch/shrink, trim/extend… Having the ability to place markers would be quite helpful… So far I use a second track with splits at 1, 2, 4, or 1, 5, 10 using a solid color for markers, as far as up to 30 seconds sometimes while editing commericals.

Shotcut is quite fluent and easy to use so far, I applaud the work thus far!!!

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