Timer filter questions

The Timer filter is great but can it be part of the actual video display to be saved with that project and reloaded? When I save and reload the video, the Timers do not display although the Timer filters are listed with the correct data. And what is that check mark? And where do you add them, to the Master or a video track? Many thanks.


Just made a short demo with the timer and it worked fine.

Here’s the project file.
Timer.mlt (5.9 KB)

What check mark?

Why doesn’t your Timer appear in the Master filters list?

I applied the timer filter to the video clip not the master track.

I recreated the problem with your file. I need to put my Timer filters in the Master track because of different aspect ratios/resolutions of the clips. The 3 filters are listed correctly but do not display once the file is saved and reloaded.

Timer (1).mlt (8.4 KB)

This might be a bug. Applied a Size and Position filter to the Master track. It doesn’t do anything either. All the boxes show but they are empty.

Timer (2).mlt (9.1 KB)

I could see the timer clocks working perfectly when I was making and applying the filters but once I saved and reloaded the file, they no longer displayed although they were still listed in the filters list for the Master file with all correct data.

When a file is first loaded, the Master track is outlined in red and the Timer clock will not display. But if you unlock a Video track and select a clip outlining it in red, the Timer clock will immediately appear and work correctly. But I think it should work correctly as downloaded.

The Timer and Size & Position filters display problem may have to do with locking/unlocking tracks. Load the file and play. The filters don’t display. Then lock or unlock any Audio or Video Track. The filters won’t immediately display but once you hit Play, they display and work correctly. How will they function once exported to YouTube?

Timer (2).mlt (9.1 KB)

Duplicated part of the problem, but only with version 18.11.18 so far.
Steps I took.

Open Shotcut back up & open the saved project mlt.
Master timer not showing in preview, nor after export.

Locking track/Unlocking track as explained by @eba50 will display the timer on the Master once again, and exports fine. This only applies to the Master track, as the Track and Clip timers display in preview fine and export fine after reopen of the mlt.

timerq01.mlt (6.3 KB)
Image used:

Thanks to your help, I decided to put the Timer filters in a Video track instead of the Master. That actually gives me more flexibility on when to begin and end the Timer display. I just had to position them so they wouldn’t be cut off by any of the different aspect ratios/resolutions.

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