Timer Filter Offset greater than 10 hrs


I’m trying to make a video that needs a clock that shows the actual time the events took place. I can use the Timer filter (HH:MM:SS) and offset the start time, but Start Delay, Duration and Offset are all capped at a maximum of 10 hours. The events in my video start after midday and I’m using the 24 hour clock, currently I can’t show anything after 10 O’clock.

Can Start Delay, Duration and Offset be bumped up to 24 hours?

I could then use the offset to start the clock at whatever time I like. For now I’m not interested in events that go past midnight.

Currently I’ve taken another video of a clock and overlayed it on mine, it seems like a lot more work than is required, and if my video was taken in the morning I wouldn’t need it at all.



This change has been made for the next version 19.06


Thank you