Timer Filter millisecond format


For the purposes of analyzing some motion, I recorded a video with 240 frames per second. I think that means the frame timestamps have resolution of about 4 ms.

The problem is, the Timer Filter only provides resolution of a hundredth of a second, effectively centisecond precision.

I hope there is a chance of a new Format being added that would show the timestamp entirely in milliseconds.

Thanks for developing Shotcut!

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I have added two new formats for the next release:

  • SS.SSS

Awesome, Brian, thank you!

Unfortunately, this new filter lacks zero padding with the seconds. For example, zero minutes, one second, and 123 milliseconds displays as 00:1.123 and 1.123 for the filter formats MM:SS.SSS and SS.SSS respectively and should be 00:01.123 and 01.123 respectively. Although I agree with suppressing the zero in SS.SSS, it is inconsistent with the other filter formats: SS, SS.S, and SS.SS. For a workaround, I used MM:SS.SS.

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Oops. This is fixed for the next release. Thanks for your report.

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Thanks Brian!