Timer filter across a split?

Beginner here.

Is it possible to run a timer filter across a split and have the timer run continuously? Or to set the start time at the beginning of the split?

Yup, no problem. Have a separate video track above your main video track. Go to “Open Other” and hit “Color”. Make sure the color is set to “transparent” (it should be the default anyway) then hit “Okay”. Bring that to the separate video track and place it to where you want it to run and edit it if you need to. Then select that transparent clip, go to filters and choose “Timer”. The timer will then run across your video even if they have splits. :slight_smile:

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Also, you can attach this filter to a track (click the track head to select the track first) as well as Master. From there you can control the start and end using the filter trimming controls in Keyframes (green and red bars at left and right edges of clip in Keyframes timeline).

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