Timeline v Playlist: Newbie - a bit stuck already

Hello all. My Big Project is to edit about 35 hours worth of home movies (all currently in 1GB, 60 minute files) into a total of perhaps 3-4 hours. I’ve had a go at the first file and I now have an edited timeline with about 20 clips lasting a total of about 15 minutes. There is nothing in my playlist. Is this OK?

I want to cut the eventual file into 2 parts (2 different years) but haven’t found a way to do that yet - perhaps after rendering, re-edit then?

From the several tutorials I’ve seen so far I don’t yet understand the purposes of the timeline and the playlist. Can I render from either of them?


I believe you can do that before or after rendering. it’s your choice.

Yes you can.

Here’s a link from the forum to clarify the playlist and timeline purposes.

Thanks sauron - I’ve just started my first render (from Timeline).

The bits I want to cut have been edited and I want to retain them as edited, not delete them. Is that possible?

Yes. Select the clip that you want to retain. Press C for copy. Click the source tab. The clip will appear in the viewer. Click the + icon to add to playlist. Or drag and drop to the playlist.
Or you can create a new video track and move the clip that you want to retain to the new track.

Thanks. I’m confident I’ll get there eventually