Timeline tools are not showing up

HI, I have used Shotcut before on another laptop and it worked perfectly but for some reason on the new computer I’m using it isn’t working. This is my first time using the new software update as well. When I turn on the timeline the tool bar for the timeline specifically does not show up. That means I cant add audio or video tracks, I cant cut and shorten videos, ect. PLEASE HELP

You should attach a screen shot.
If using Windows, try the different options under Settings > Display Method and restart the app when asked. If that does not help, re-install using the installer and choose the checkbox “Remove Shotcut Settings From Registry” and try again with each Display Method. If none of these work, then I guess some incompatibility between Shotcut and your system has occurred, I do not know what it is, and you may need to find some other program to use.

You can still use the shortcut keys.

You need to click view > timeline (or ctrl+5) The timeline should then appear as a separate window. After that you can drag the window into the shotcut editor it self. Hope it helps!