Timeline thumbnails

it is possible to show thumbnails in timeline frame by frame.
By default it’s set just at the beginning and at the end.

Thank you very much

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I’m not very sure what you are asking, do you mean to have a thumbnail where the playhead is in the timeline?
You can also view the frames one by one with the arrow keys as well, which is pretty convenient if that’s what you were talking about.

If what you mean is the former then I don’t think that currently exists. You can change the topic to be a suggestion though.

I’m speaking about fhe possibility to show the frames in timeline one by one , specially when you’re enalarging the timeline to the maximum estension… usually this is possible in many video editor and it’s useful for precision cut or similar…
it’s possible?
thank you for your answer.

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Negative, currently you only see the head and tail thumbnails of a clip.

ok, thank you very much

Any update on this? It would be great to have when doing screencast editing.

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Nope. Thumbnails are still only available at the begin and end of clips on the timeline.