Timeline Setting Problem - Clip in Clip effect


Hey, I wanted to make a clip into another clip as an overlay, but in all tutorials you need a setting “overlay” or something in the timeline bar, but I dont have those settings and I dont get how I can change them. Like I will get Layer settings for my timeline. Can you help me so I get “M”, “H”, “T” and “L” in my timeline settings?

Thank you all!

You mean cross fade between two clips?

It seems that you have watched older tutorials, because the buttons you mentioned are not used anymore for quite some time. I recommend you watch this video and the following two parts as an introduction to Shotcut.

@samth is correct, but also overlay is automatic now (unless you changed video track properties, which I doubt). Your screenshot is incomplete, but you need to have something on top of something in order for it to work. Also, you should know that every video track above V1 blends with V1 and V1 should not be hidden (eyeball icon in your screenshot will look like a closed eye instead of an open one).

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