Timeline panning [UX]

This feature is a must for editing any long video.
I tried all the possible hotkeys and googled “shotcut timeline pan” in many forms and still have found nothing.

When an edited video is at least hour long, you don’t navigate by aiming at the time ruler and scrolling with mouse wheel. And you don’t aim even harder at the horizontal scrolling slider. You hold Ctrl/Alt/Shift/Whatever and just drag the timeline left/right, clicking anywhere in the timeline area. The same way it’s done in kdenlive/premiere/vegas or basically any editing software.

The feature would be much appreciated (I personally believe, it’s crucial).

Currently, the absence of this feature, combined with playback being stopped every time you zoom in/out turns as basic thing as timeline navigation into real torture, when you fight the otherwise great software, not use it.

But you can use the mouse wheel (you do not need to aim at the time ruler), track pad, or scroll bars. How many ways do you need? Ctrl , Shift, and Alt are already used by other things. Maybe you did not get good search results because “pan” is not the common word for this; “scroll” is.

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Indeed, what about the scrollbar?
Unless I miss something, this is the same as Ctrl/Alt/Shift/Whatever + Drag the timeline, except you only use the mouse, no Ctrl/Alt/Shift/Whatever


There’s only one issue here. As I said, try this with a video that’s a few hours long. Good luck hunting the scrollbar slider AND when you finally click it - hunting the exact time you need.

Yes, you can. But it’s far from being as precise. Which introduces two UX issues at once:

  1. You can scroll back/forth only in steps, therefore you can’t move to the exact time window you need.
  2. You have a tradeoff between scrolling fast and scrolling with smaller steps. With panning approach (mouse click-and-drag), you can have both. You can span a few screens of timeline almost instantly, in a few clicks, as well as move the time window just a bit.

It’s the same issue as playing a shooter game from d-pad on classic snes/sega controller. Yes, you can. And yes, there were some games that were using this control scheme. But this way of aiming is incredibly inconvenient compared to any modern game using mouse movement for the same thing.

Every other “big” editing software has this “panning” way of timeline navigation. And they have it for a reason.

Maybe with middle mouse button.

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Yes, many CG/video-related software use MMB for this exact thing.

But if you mean, it’s already there in Shotcut, it doesn’t seem to work for me (Windows 10). I tried all the mouse buttons with all the common hotkeys and their combinations.

I meant maybe it can be added based on middle mouse button.