Timeline/keyframe positioning is off when dragging

Windows 7, 64-bit

When I drag the time position of keyframes, the actual time position of the keyframe is to the right of the cursor. As the dot is dragged, it flickers between the position under the cursor and the position to the right where it actually is.
The keyframe dot will start jumping like this when the timeline is zoomed in beyond 1 screen pixel = 1 video frame. The dot can remain in either the true position or the cursor position when you let go of it. If it’s the false position (under the cursor), it stays there until the zoom level is changed. Only when the zoom is changed, the dot is redrawn at the true position of the keyframe.

In practice, when I’m dragging keyframes around while zoomed in, I ignore the mouse cursor and watch the flickering dot to the right of it. When I need to see the position of a false keyframe dot, I change the zoom ever so slightly to make the dot reappear in the true position.

This positioning error seems to affect some of the other timeline dragging operations, such as trimming a clip’s beggining or end. Maybe that’s why some editing operations feel sloppy.

In case it matters, here are the timeline properties I’ve been using:
29.970030 fps,

I was just about to report this same problem. This is really easy to reproduce. I’m using v20.10.31. The more the key frame window is zoomed in, the worse the effect and if I have the misfortune of releasing the mouse button at the wrong time, the key frame is actually set far away from my cursor. It doesn’t just appear in the wrong place, it’s actually positioned in the wrong place.

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