Timeline horizontal zoom in at mouse pointer_suggestion

This proves that each of us has his preferences.
I must admit that I even modified the Timeline.js file so that I didn’t even have to use the keyboard. With this modification, I zoom around the playhead only with the wheel.
I will regret the current version …

For information, here is the modification that I use line 114 of the Timeline.js file

function onMouseWheel(wheel) {
adjustZoom(wheel.angleDelta.y / 720)


With the suggestions that have been made with the shortcut keys I think both can be worked in without having to make an additional option somewhere in the menu to pick one type of zoom over the other.

Perhaps something like:

  • Track height control [Shift + Wheel]
  • Zoom centered on the playhead [Ctrl + Wheel]
  • Zoom centered on the mouse [Alt + Wheel]

Also, since the zoom centered on the mouse function only works when the mouse is actually on the timeline, it would make sense then to configure the zoom buttons/zoom meter on the toolbar to center on the playhead.

Putting it in the View menu is too far. A button like this is used during the editing workflow thus should have quick access. It’d be much better as button next to the zoom controls in the toolbar:

I think that would be fantastic.

Makes sense. Yes.

I agree. That would be so nice.

All good suggestions IMHO, @drm!

Except it was not really centered on the playhead unless the Center the Playhead option is selected. I will make this new zoom behavior dependent upon that option not enabled.

Can the playhead being the focal point of the zoom be made as the set behavior for the zoom buttons and slider?


I love, love, love this feature. (Shotcut 20.02.17)
Ctrl+Wheel zooms in/out centered on mouse.
Thank you so much for this.
Shotcut feels new for me now, in a good way.
This greatly helps my workflow.
I’ll bet many will love this.
All I can say is, Wow! Fantastic!

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OMG I’m as excited about this as you are, @frew! :laughing:And for me the track/height adjustment (Shift+Wheel) is fantastic. Great improvement, thanks @shotcut!! :+1::+1:

(PS I thought track height changes using the wheel were very stuttery, then I realised it was due to my rubbish mouse - works great with another mouse) :smiley:

Sorry, folks, couldn’t resist doing this - made with Shotcut, of course :smiley:



Fantastic sense of humor in this video. Made me laugh deeply.
Thanks for posting it.

I must say I did feel a little giddy when I first did Ctrl+Wheel
in Shotcut Timeline today. A kind of joy of a wish come true.
A glee of a software responding so intuitively.
The elegance of these new features is a delight.

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Is the operation on Mac the same?
ctrl + wheel (cmd + wheel on Mac) zoom around the playhead
shift + wheel moves the playhead to the mouse position.
(version 20-02-17)

My pesky (wireless) mouse with its terrible mouse wheel is still making the track heights change quite stuttery. (Not Shotcut’s fault - works fine with my old wired mouse). I’d like to give the track height change feature keyboard shortcuts of SHIFT+DOWN and SHIFT+UP. Anyone know how I can do this by tweaking the timeline.qml file (or similar)?

Actually could I request this as a suggestion to @shotcut?

No problem! Glad you liked my little bit of silliness!

You can use the existing shortcuts of Ctrl++ or Ctrl+-. + or - can also be on numeric keypad, and = (+ without Shift) is also accepted as +.
Shortcuts are not yet modifiable. That is an obvious improvement to make, but it is not my priority.

Thank you!! :+1:

The new features [ctrl + wheel] and [shift + wheel] do not work on Mac
OS El Capitan - Shotcut 20-02-17

Yes, they do, but you need to read the updated Keyboard Shortcuts page where this is documented instead of relying on outdated replies. Those combinations are no longer correct.

Yes, they do, but you need to read the updated Keyboard Shortcuts page where this is documented instead of relying on outdated replies. Those combinations are no longer correct.

Je suis désolé si je vous ai offensé et je m’en excuse.
Certainement aussi le fait que nous ne parlions pas la même langue peut porter à confusion, mais je voulais simplement vous signaler que chez moi, Shotcut ne fonctionne pas comme vous le décrivez ni dans ce fil, ni sur la page dont vous avez donné le lien Keyboard Shortcuts.
Ne prenez donc pas la suite de ce message pour un rapport de bug, ni pour une suggestion mais simplement pour un retour d’information sur le fonctionnement du logiciel Shotcut sur un vieil ordinateur Mac OS El Capitan.

J’ai suivi votre lien ci-dessus et voici ce qu’il m’indique.

Mouse Wheel


  • scroll vertically
  • use Alt to scroll horizontally

Timeline and Keyframes

  • scroll horizontally
  • use Alt to scroll vertically
  • use Shift to change track height
  • use Ctrl or Cmd to zoom in/out (change time scale)

Ce que j’obtiens chez moi sur Mac El Capitan:

Timeline and Keyframes

Roulette souris seule, roulette souris avec Alt, et roulette souris avec ctrl ; Ces trois combinaisons produisent toutes un défilement Vertical.

Roulette souris avec Shift ne fait rien du tout

Roulette souris avec Cmd commande le zoom Horizontal centré sur la tête de lecture.

J’utilise en principe Google Traduction pour m’exprimer sur ce forum et peut-être que la traduction ne reflète pas tout à fait ce que je dit, c’est pourquoi je rédige ce message dans ma langue maternelle, le français.
Sachez enfin que j’apprécie votre travail sur ce logiciel que j’ai adopté pour la réalisation de tous mes montages vidéos.

There are some changes for the Keyframes to make it behave the same as Timeline are not in version 20.02 but were already made for version 20.04. Of course, on macOS where I wrote “use Ctrl or Cmd” you should use Cmd. I see now I need to update that page to make it more explicit.

I would use this “Zoom fit” button massively … instead of zooming/dezooming all the time !
I am frequently in need to see my whole project timeline at once.
And I’ve not found how to do it quickly & easily !


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