Timeline horizontal zoom in at mouse pointer_suggestion


How often do you wish to zoom in at a particular spot horizontally at mouse pointer?

Ctrl + mousewheel zooms horizontally, but so often then one needs to
manually reposition the view to get back to the horizontal location where one was editing.

So my request is to have Ctrl + mousewheel zoom in/out at mouse pointer.

To zoom in on a particular point under the mouse would help workflow I think.
This way we have more control as to where we are zooming in and out to.

Thanks for considering this request.

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If you are referring to the timeline, then ‘zoom’ is actually ‘expansion’ which keep the playhead at the same position.

You can actually properly Zoom-in [aka: Enlarge] on the timeline by holding SHIFT and rolling the mouse wheel.

I’d love it most to be able to zoom in at the playhead with Ctrl + mousewheel. Or, as you say, perhaps expand horizontally while keeping the playhead under the current mouse pointer position.

Yes that “zooms” vertically. I’m interested in expanding the timeline horizontally without getting disoriented. To stay oriented I think to expand horizontally while staying centered on the mouse position would be nice.

Or perhaps better yet stay centered on the playhead while the horizontal zoom expands in and out with Ctrl + mousewheel.

It already does, the playhead appears to move because the timeline is expanding, but it stays in the same position relative to the ‘time position’

No it ‘magnifys’ [traditional zoom] without moving in any direction.

I see what you are saying.
I’d like to show what I mean with a couple pictures.

Here’s zoomed way out:


And next is what i’d like to have happen if I did Ctrl+Mousewheel scroll to zoom in:


Thanks for any ideas.

Yes I understand what you are saying.
VideoPAD does what you need.

Thanks for the idea.
Kdenlive also does it nicely,
but currently with Windows has very problematic playback when using spacebar,
a known issue there.

Seems unrelated, but that’s unknown to me, I always use the spacebar to pause/start. What issues are you having? Maybe you need a new keyboard :smiley:

Sorry, I meant Kdenlive editor has a known issue with Windows where spacebar does not play/stop properly. So that keeps me from exploring that editor much for now.
Edit: even though it has the zooming feature I describe here.

All the newer versions of Kdenlive (for Windows) have this spacebar bug. The only version I’ve found that works properly with Windows is 17.04.3. You can find that version here:

THIS is an issue !

Tho not a bug the CTRL+wheel zoom is a pain !

Why ?
simply because whan i set the pointer to a place in the timeline, hit CTRL and wheel, i expect ( like i quess 99% users do ) to zoom on mouse.
If not, what is the use of mouse cursor ?

I love shotcut for many reasons ! and i use it each time i need to edit video.
It’s an almost perfect app ( that i use to promote around me ). But everyone that came to use it from my advice all tell me the zoom with CTRL-wheel has illogical behaviour.
Audacity/blender/unity3D does this very well !

( and as a former programmer i know it’s quite simple to code :stuck_out_tongue: )

So ? Any chance this small revolution happens ?
Or will users be stuck on devs choices and have to click on the horiz scrollbar after each zoom ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy shotcutting !!!

EDIT: maybe i’m dumb and didn’t install the latest version that integrates this great feature ?
i go check right away… :wink:

EDIT2: nah…
dowloaded latest version… opened a project, CTRL-wheeled the timeline… same shit…

Deleted the app… back to my working version… :slight_smile:

I have more important things to work on, and I personally never use the mouse wheel. Gonna leave the easy stuff for others. Why not you? You already have the code in Shotcut/share/shotcut/qml/views/timeline/.

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Indeed i do !!!

Oh man i dunno you but as i can believe it you’re THE heart coder ?

1st of all i have to say you deserve my respect !

  • for making this awesome tool
  • and for beeing here, listenning at complaints like mine :confused:
    I confess am somewhat ashamed for my kinda taunt…
    I didn’t intend to offence anyone…

I’m a simple user. Loving your work. And i promised to myself that if i manage to earn some creds, part of them will come to you ( and also other open and free tools ).
I wish i had time for doing what i want. But you know the dev/coding reality much better than i do ^^
Making changes, check for approval, check for no bugs, check for user reception… Is hell.

Make my own version ? sure i could ( provided i can dive in your code ) catch the structure, change the lil part i’m interrested in, and use it… you make an update and all has to be done again ? nah :wink:

As i’m not sure my changes won’t fork the project ( yes i’m dumb enough for thinking this has to be in the trunk :stuck_out_tongue: ) i won’t put my fingers in the gears…

You’re right saying you leave simple things to others !
I love this as it’s the way i see things.

But as i said, am a user. Setup a dev environment, µ$studio, get the source, compile to someting that works, change the part i wanna be changed… it’s quite long ! i also have more important things to work on :stuck_out_tongue:
I guess what i speak of will take weeks to me… Minutes to you ? :wink:

do you have devs who took your work, who are able to make shotcut evolve ?
I guess yes ^^ i hope so :stuck_out_tongue: as shotcut is really a piece of nice work !

Not sure of what i’ll do now. But no doubt i’ll go on CTRL+wheel and use the slider…

Good luck on your important things and happy shotcutting :slight_smile:

Looked at the source…
QML and java code… Sorry to say i’m uncompetent on this.

I know assembly, C, C++, some java, python and many other typed languages but unable to change this kind of code that has legions of links here and there and here also and that are not typed so that reading the code dont tell what type you pass…

i think i’ll go on grumbling on this… as i know that for those who have the knowledge it’s simply a 10 minutes change…

Have a nice evening ^^
I think i’ll gon

@pitibonom, SDKs for Shotcut are available here. Scroll to where it says " Technical Notes" and you’ll see the SDKs. Take your time to go through them and feel free to do pull requests over at Shotcut’s github page here. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s funny because I was thinking about a suggestion very similar to this except that instead of it zooming in to the mouse the zoom would center on wherever the playhead is.

@DRM !!!

You speak as a coder !!!
caught you ! :stuck_out_tongue: hehehe

Yes. There’s no doubt each user has his own needs.
I guess you know this much better than i do ^^

I’m glad i met the master: @shotcut but it appears he left his baby to others; wich is a good thing !
To be honest during my former ( and loooong as am somewhat old :stuck_out_tongue: ) develompent career, i used to refuse the “make options for all users needs”.
hehe. I used to discuss and deal for the usefullness of some things and for the errr… useless-fullness of some others…
An app has to keep as simple and small as possible.

You got here 2 schools:

  • 1 wanting the zoom around the timeline cursor
  • 1 wanting the zoom around the mouse cursor

When i say ‘zoom’ i talk about the horrizontal zoom ( as the vertical one is just useless )

wouldn’t it be a funny idea to let the user choose in preferences ?
‘zoom on time-cursor’ VS ‘zoom on mouse’

if i were wealthy and having time, i sincerely would set up the whole project, compile it and change it !
Too bad i’m not and as @shotcut said in a just and clear way: i got better things to do.

I doubt his choice i to let shotcut die. Wich means there are ppl ( mebe you ? ) taking his relay.
I sincerely hope so !
now, what you guys will do with this masterpiece ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t say i’m right asking for what i ask.
I’m a user of many tools that zoom the way i explain.
and i won’t leave shotcut ( unless i find a better feer app ) -> this is why i ask those things.

maybe make a poll ?

Or simply set a flag in prefs:
zoom mouse/zoom time cursor

As i said, for those having the whole project installed and knowing QT, the code and all its links, i believe it’s a work taking minutes :stuck_out_tongue:

Just give it a try and you’ll see ^^

Thanks for all this great work !

See you zoon :slight_smile:

I am not. :smile:

You misunderstood him. He is constantly working on Shotcut but there are only 2 devs working on Shotcut right now. So he has prioritized certain development Shotcut goals ahead of others. That’s why he wrote “I have more important things to work on”.

If you know programming you could help. That’s why he wrote “Why not you?”. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This change has been made for the next version 20.02.

This change has been made for the next version 20.02.

Wow, truly I am super excited about this. I love this feature.
For me it makes me feel like, ah, yes, zoom in on the exact spot that I’m working on.
Thank you so much.
Very much looking forward to this wonderful Shotcut workflow improvement.