Timeline handling: Auto-set width fix to whole video?

Assume I loaded a video into Shotcut.
In order to make it editable I open the Timeline.
Initially this Timeline shows only a few seconds interval out of the video.
As far as I can see I always have to use the horizontal slider in the Timeline toolbar to zoom in/out so that the Timeline (sub)window width shows exactly the full length of the video.

Is there no option to tell Shotcut “hey Shotcut, adjust the Timeline so that it ALWAYS show automatically the full video starting on the left border with the beginning of video and ending at the right border with the end of video. Don’t allow accidentially zooming.”?

Is this possible?

Further question: is there a way to hide the left Subpane labelled “VI M H C L” and use this space for the Timeline left of it?


Hi, you have a particular need regarding the timeline. When I’m editing video clips I adapt the timeline according to the video lenght and the need to see the first and last frame thumbnail to know which clip is it. Then I have to scroll for on side or the other while I’m editing.

Your suggestion would be useful for some people but if whenever the you add a clip and the total video length is getting bigger, the clip sizes reduce and reduce and at some moment you will have to zoom in to understand what clips your are editing, right?

Regarding the timeline track options, don’t you need them while editing a video? I’m always turning on and off the sound, hiding the tracks, etc? If you only change the order of the clips you can also do it in the playlist and then export it to a video.

Let´s see what the Shotcut developers have to say about your suggestions.

I moved this to suggestion category because these features do not exist. I suggest you read the Features and Road Map pages on the web site and explore the UI more to learn about exists.