Timeline file only a few seconds of playlist file

New shotcut user here. I searched for this one and didn’t find similar issue. I dragged and dropped a video into the playlist–it is 4 minutes 29 seconds duration. When I then drag and drop that file from the playlist to the timeline, only 4 seconds or so go to the timeline. I did a video last night without any issues, so not sure what I’m doing wrong on this one… Would appreciate whatever help ya’ll can give me!! TIA.

I tried to duplicate the issue, but it works fine for me.

I was successful with another file last night. I’m sure I’m doing something some small detail incorrectly… If it makes any difference, I am trying to use an MOV file not an MP4 file…

Figured it out. I had to “extend” the timeline screen to the right… Then everything worked correctly. Thanks for the help.

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