Timeline doesn't scroll with playhead

Linux, Ubuntu 16.04.4, v=18.07

20 min time line, Zoom to 50%, (12 seconds fit on my screen/window.)
hit Play, watch playhead marker move across the timeline as the video plays.
When it gets to the right side of the screen, it disappears, the timeline does not scroll like I expect.

Also, if I pause and click “Skip to the next point (Alt-Right)” the timeline doesn’t move so I can see the point. (the playhead does)

restarted Shotcut, now it scrolls.

I think I found trigger of this “sometimes not scrolling playhead”. Im running Shotcut 18.08.01 on Windows 7 64 bit machine. When I remove some clip on timeline (right click/remove), then window doesnt follow the playhead. When I click on some clip, it works well again.

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I see the bug now thanks to @martin106015’s additional info. You do not need to select anything from the context menu. Simply right-clicking a clip to open the menu and click in a blank area to close it triggers the problem.

I fixed this for the next release v18.09. Instead, if it is playing, it will pause to prevent whatever is selected from scrolling out of view.

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