Timeline and export settings

Please provide the correct settings on my timeline and the export settings for :

4K ultra wide 21:9

Especially the correct export settings since this is a bit of a grey zone to me…

Thanks in advance.

Hi @DeauVille

You can create your own Video Mode presets.


  1. Got to Settings / Video Mode / Custom / Add
  2. Change the parameters to your preferences.
  3. Give your preset a name (important) and clic OK.

This new video mode will be added to the custom modes.

You can also create custom Export presets.

  1. Open the Export tab in Advanced mode.
  2. Modify all the parameters to your preferences.
  3. Click the PLUS button at the bottom of the presets list
  4. Give you preset a name and click OK

This new Export preset will be added to the presets list, under Custom.

Note : The advance mode is for advanced users. Use it at your own risks if you’re not familiar with these parameters.

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Here is a previous thread about the dimensions and aspect ratio used for 21:9 that will go in the custom Video Mode box referenced by @MusicalBox:

If the source footage is 16:9, then some scaling or cropping will have to be done to get the footage to fit in 21:9. The following post has some tricks to make that process easier, although “Crop: Source” is also a good option not mentioned there:

You are right about 21:9 being a gray area. Its dimensions are only used by recent computer monitors. Cinema and television do not use those dimensions, nor do cameras natively record in those dimensions. Cinema and Blu-ray dimensions are listed in the Aspect Ratio section of the following post:

For personal videos, it doesn’t matter which dimensions are used. But if there is any chance of a theatrical, television, or streaming release, then there are very specific constraints imposed by DCI, Netflix, etc. and none currently allow 21:9.


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