Time remap filter (can't Isolate the effect to a single clip)

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Windows 8.1

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latest version
Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
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When I try to use the time remap filter over a certain part I’ve split from the video, even if I isolate it on a different track, it affects the whole video.
Is this normal?

That is not an acceptable answer.

You did not provide enough steps as requested, I do not reproduce the problem, and I doubt it is a bug. If you add a filter to a clip and then split it, both pieces still have the filter.

A screenshot might help us understand your description better.

Okay this is a video that is split and separated on another track, the timer remap filter is applied to the middle clip to increase speed, and it just borrowed from the video part after it. Even though I had split it first.

Shotcut version 22.04.25
Thanks for the info. however, I did split before adding the filter please check my image in the reply below for a better description.

You can easily change the speed of a clip (Time Remap) that makes it use footage beyond the end of the clip before Time Remap was added. That is a feature, not a bug. You are manipulating time to make it use more or less footage than before. After Time Remap is adjusted to what you want, if the result exposes more footage than you wanted you need to trim the clip - probably at its end.

Thanks, I understand now. But it doesn’t really feel like a feature? when you have to trim the clip every time you increase the speed. If I wanted other parts of the video, then why would I bother splitting the clip! it would’ve also been nice to have a slow mo. effect from this filter. Still a good filter through, I can reverse without having to export and re-import clips, and I’m definitely gonna use it and trim.
Thanks again for teaching me how to use it.