Time limit box at 5 seconds?

As a newbie to Shotcut i only use avi files usually 30 minutes long, every time i bring one in to be edited the time box pops up with 5 seconds limit, i have to stop and change it to 30 minutes each time this is very aggravating , is there something i am overlooking or a way to get out of doing this, thanks

To help us understand better, can you please provide:

  • A screenshot of the time limit box?
  • A screenshot of the properties panel for the AVI file (in shotcut)

will do when i get back,

This appears when the video file does not support seeking because that also looks like a live input such as a camera or live stream. (We need a better way to distinguish between the two different things.) This means this video file is not suitable to be used directly for editing and must be converted. I suggest to simply click OK on the time/duration dialog that appears, and instead of changing the time, use Properties > Convert on it. The only way to get rid of this is to stop feeding the tool with this unusable AVI or change whatever is creating this AVI so that it creates something more compatible.


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