Time in timeline disappears in 20.09.27 version

Hello, the time in high position of timeline desappears when scrolling down the tracks. In earlier versions it did’t happened. Someone could help? Thanks

This is a known bug in this version that was already fixed for the next version hopefully due by the end of the month. You can fix it in your version by editing installed text file Shotcut/share/shotcut/qml/views/timeline/Ruler.qml like so:

it seems non working, now the time desappear and doesn’t return scrolling up

I do not understand you. What is “now?” If you tried to make the code change, you probably did it wrong. If “now” = current version well, duh! That was already established.

Sorry, I replaced the code likeindicated in the linked page, I restarted Shotcut and the time I initially saw after startup disappeared after the first scroll and does not reappear even after scrolling up. Where I’m wrong?

Wait for the next version.

Thanks, I know. And today…downgrade.

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