Time display glitch when overlap transitioning two clips

Scoured the forum and found lots of information to help with my problem. Thanks for all the contributors.

I figured out how to do cross-fade transition - maybe a bit clunky, but no complaints, it works fine… almost.

When clip 2 is dragged over clip one, the time indicator runs from 00:00:00 to 00:00:24 and then up to 00:01:00 (on the Win 11 system) - on the Win 10 system it runs up to 00:00:29 and then up to 00:01:00.

I’ve attached a small video, you can see it at about 11 seconds.

This is not actually a problem, but wanted to ensure there wasn’t some calculation that may create an accumulative error or even another function. Thanks for all your hard work!!

Running 2 systems, Win 10 on one, Win 11 on the other.
Running Shotcut 23.06.14 on both

Not a bug. This is a difference in frame rate. The last set of numbers in time code is frame number, which starts at 0. So in 30 fps, it goes up to 29 before the next seconds begins and frame number resets to 0. It is standard timecode behavior.

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Brilliant!!! Thanks so much.
As soon as I read it, it was one of those “Aha!” moments.


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