Three weeks of editing gone

Hey there!

I was editing a video I have been working nearly three weeks on. Today, at one point Shotcut said something along the lines of “device is low on memory - save now” or sth. I clicked save and shotcut automatically closed. (note: my computer has enough free storage). When I opened shotcut again and hit on open “recent projects” my .mlt was there. I clicked on it and it opened my project, but all the videos are unedited in the playlist section. The timeline is completely EMPTY! I tried hitting undo, history, look at autosaves, … but I can’t get it back to the previous state. Can someone help me save three weeks of work?

device is low on memory doesn’t mean you don’t have enough disk space. It meant that at that moment, your computer was running low on available RAM.
Maybe you could upload you project file (projectname.mlt) here so someone can take a look at it.

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