Threads / speed / cpu usage

Did the threads= parameter change, or has the default #threads change recently?
it seems export no longer uses as much CPU as i expect, thusly exports are taking longer.

found it:

Changed Export > Video > Parallel processing to default to OFF but also now it save the state between export jobs and app session.

kinda crappy to find out an update changes behavior for the worse, but iā€™m over it now.
click, done.

The reason is that parallel processing can cause problems for some projects - which results in more support requests.

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It is not just about support requests but more so about reducing the risk of failed exports and surprise video artifacts to beginner and casual users. There are potentially many people who do not know about this pitfall and have a very bad experience without understanding why and not willing to dig in to determine why. This user may likely rather say this program sucks, uninstall it, and use something else. Perhaps in a future version when there is more image tile-based parallelism, this will be completely eliminated as frame threading is fraught with risk and not optimal on the CPU memory caches.

Lastly, I have found some common use cases where this option actually degrades performance. If the main media files are slow for seeking and there are not much effects to take advantage of this parallelism on the majority of the video, then the out-of-order seeking degrades performance. Possibly this can be addressed. The other is that it will use more memory and possibly push the machine into paging RAM to storage thus making it slower.

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