This New Shotcut Version 20.07.11

This brand new shotcut version is crashing and crashing again Please help. I have Windows 7 64 bit.

Useless post. No information. It works great for me. Use the older version if you want.

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oh ok

Consider adding more information to your post. What exactly are you doing when you see a crash?

Also, consider changing the display method to see if that helps at all.

If you search the forum for “crash”, you might see other ideas worth trying.

+1 Brian’s suggestion.

First thing to do is check your application log for clues.
“View > Application Log” on Linux (probably the same on Windows).

When you post in the forum, you get suggestions for related topics, where you can get answers or clues about incidents similar to yours.
If you don’t find anything, after reading some threads, it’s logical to ask, but (without wanting to bother you) more data is needed to know what’s going on there.

Sorry for all of the things. It is my fault. I am new to this forum

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