The Pelosa Hill - Time Remap & Co

Hello everyone,
this is my latest work/effort (literally).
Fortunately Shotcut helps me in post-production.
I used Time Remap, Saturation, Contrast , …

Thanks to Shotcut Team again.


Impressively smooth!

Very nice drone flight, indeed! The first 2/3s are very smooth, the last 1/3 has a little sharp movements.
The color seems a bit exaggerated and the contrast is quite harsh and little too dark tones for my taste. Most of the time imho its best not to adjust the colors too much - although you are tempted to - cause the software can do it :wink:

Very nice! How did you achieve the title effect at the beginning?

The first one ? (yellow text, black background)
It’s a html/CSS/javascript file, recorded with OBS Studio (Browser source) in a mkv file (clip), then imported in Shotcut project.
I use VScode + Live Server extension to develop and debug html/CSS/javascript.

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