The Man Who Walked Across The Sea No. 2

I couldn’t find a way to export to mp4 but I managed with .mov. But now I have another problem. I cut a greenscreen track so that I could change the subtitles as the song progresses but the whole film flashes at each change. It doesn’t happen with non-greenscreen clips.

Hi @peterridsdale, a much better technique for adding subtitles is to add another track (V3), and put your subtitles on text clips (open other > text). Then you don’t have to split the green screen clips.

Many thanks Jonray, It’s a much better system - problem solved!

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My pleasure! You may know this already, but doing it this way allows you to easily change the position of the subtitles (just click, hold and move the text clip), the length of the subtitles (click, hold and drag the edges), and allows you to add, say fade-ins and outs to the text.

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