The ENTIRE app is laggy

  • I am using Windows OS and i am on version 19.04.30
  • when i open the app, put a file(any file) in the playlist, and add it to the timeline, even with the playlist re-play it lags to the point of not being able to edit. that is most noticable. the rest of the app is not really noticeable unless you are looking for it.
  • it always occurs. i have not seen it not occur.
  • the problem is new with this version, but i skipped 1 version, and cannot download it. it could have happened with the last version.

In the new version 19.04, the default for Settings > Display Method changed from DirectX to Automatic. You can switch to DirectX to see if that helps. I could not follow your video well. It looks like there might be some difficulty seeking. It might be due to that file, or you can try changing Settings > Interpolation to Nearest Neighbor.

ok, the DirectX solution fixed it. thank you for replying to this.

I have been hearing about quite a few problems from this simple change where this suggestion worked, and I will revert the default back to DirectX in the 19.06 version.

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